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In March 2016, we were introduced to the world of Virtual Reality at the TalTech Conference in Tallahassee, FL. Since then, we have been on a Mission to educate everyone we meet about the technology, and how we are using it to showcase the Christian Lifestyle. To Visit Our One Of Kind Immersive Faith Virtual Reality Environment “Believe” (Go Here) To Find Out More About Our Mission:VR Program (Go Here)


Our Mission Campaigns are designed to encourage people everywhere to live an active Christian Lifestyle of Faith on a daily basis. Our Current Campaigns, #SavedNowWhat & #LiveWhatYouBelieve were originally developed to target the younger generation, but are inspiring people everywhere, of all ages, to put their Faith in action. To Find Out More About The Campaign (Go Here) To Buy Some Of Our Campaign Materials (Go Here)


In July 2013, L.Michelle Salvant started working on her first documentary film, The Life Film, which followed her Lifestyle of Faith for one full year. The Film represented the birth of a totally new type of Media Mission work for the company, which combines the use of Faith, New Media Technology, and rising Student Media Talent to produce. View The Life Film (Go Here)

The Global Classroom

In the Summer of 2013, while using the Google Helpouts platform, we met Santosh Talghatti, An Enthusiastic, Media Driven Educator based in Pune, India. He started the Global Classroom, which uses technology to connect educators and children from around the world through online lectures that inspire values, education and an overall better Life. We’ve been hosting online lectures with him/supporting the program ever since. Find out more about the Global Classroom
(Go Here)

College Life

Christopher & L.Michelle Salvant believe there’s power in starting early when it comes to Living a Lifestyle of Faith. They have a dedicated a part of their Life work to helping students Find Faith in College, and Live What They Believe. Check out their College Program
(Go Here)


We Believe there is power in connecting to a local body of Believers and serving God in your local area. LMichelleMedia is connected to Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee, under the Leadership of Apostle Carlos & Dr. Nicky E. Collins. To Visit The Church (Go Here) Download the Church App (Apple) (Android)

We are LMichelleMedia Company. A Christian Lifestyle Company That Uses New Media & Dynamic Storytelling To Change Lives For The Better. A Social Purpose Company On Record, What We Do Does Not Boil Down To Our "Bottom Line," Instead It's Fueled By A Mission To Show The Lifestyle of Faith In The Earth.


Hi, I'm L.Michelle Salvant, Official LMichelleMedia Party-Starter and also known as "Jesus Christ's Publicist!" The Vision For LMichelleMedia came from a Stories of Faith column I began writing in 2003. Want to know more about me/the company...(Go Here)


We are a project based company, specializing in working with people who want to tell the story of how their product, service, message, etc. is changing lives for the better. Want to see more (Go Here) Want to Submit a Project Idea (Go Here)


We are Blessed to have access to the latest Media technology to help tell better stories. We are now offering 360 photos! We are a Google Streetview Trusted and ready to take your next 360 photo or compile a virtual tour! Learn More (Go Here)


We produce dynamic “Stories of Faith” that depict the Christian Lifestyle in revolutionary ways. We call it “Life Content” Have a story you want to share... (Go Here)


Through the LMichelleMedia Institute we offer key insight/trainings of how to use New Media technology/methods to better communicate with those who need you. Start Learning (Go Here) Join The Institute (Go Here)


At LMichelleMedia, we don’t just do Media, We live Life! For us it's about creativity, community and coming together to solve problems and reach those who need us. We even created an Instagram-based Lifestyle Line to showcase other companies doing the same thing(It’s Called @TheConsciousBrands) You Can Keep Up With Us On Our Blog (Go Here) Oh...and be Sure to Like Us On Facebook(Go Here)